Annette Schmidt

“The Alexander Education Center is a safe, supportive environment for teacher training. Giora Pinkas and John Baron trained me to go out immediately and work successfully as an Alexander Teacher. I was given the knowledge, ability, and confidence to teach actors, musicians, dancers, chronic pain sufferers– in short, all the types of students in any teaching setting. In addition to the sense of fun that pervades the training experience, Giora and John demonstrate a meticulous adherence to Alexander’s principles in their own lives, and they clearly impart these principles to the trainee teachers. The program’s strongest and most valuable emphasis is on the in-depth, daily hands-on Alexander work with the directors, other trainees and actual pupils of the Alexander Technique. I am proud to be a graduate of the Alexander Educational Center, where I received the highest caliber, most practical training possible and an experience of life changing personal growth”.
~ Annette Schmidt, AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher / Businesswoman


“I have visited The Alexander Educational Center as a post graduate not only to refresh my skills, but to radically advance my teaching ability. My experiences there exceeded all my expectations. Giora Pinkas and John Baron combine unique but compatible approaches to teaching to give students and post graduates clarity and confidence in their own use and their teaching. They and their students create an environment that is, simply put, fun! I believe that the safe and playful environment, combined with the vast experience of Giora and John, provide the best means whereby a student can bring about change for their better use and teaching skill without fear and with utmost confidence. Any new student or post graduate should not miss the opportunity to train in this school. ”

     ~ Cliff Hicks, AEC Post Graduate / AmSAT Certified


Dana Receiving Her Certificate

“Giora Pinkas and John Baron are so wonderful as teachers and they have created such an optimal environment for learning, that I decided to drive 100 miles round trip every day just to attend the training program at TAEC. I felt that it was the best education I could get for myself to train as an Alexander Technique teacher. It was a tremendous personal effort on my part and absolutely worth every moment. They, Giora and John, continue to inspire me and to foster my growth.”

    ~ Dana Ben-Yehuda, AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher / Musician