F. Matthias Alexander

F. M. Alexander, London 1910

Mr. Alexander created what may be truly called a physiology of the LIVING organism…. Philosopher John Dewey

Ten years of careful self-observation by F. Matthias Alexander led to the discoveries that became the cornerstone of the Alexander Technique. While attempting to solve the vocal problems that were ruining his career as a Shakespearean recitalist, Alexander discovered that he was creating a pattern of tension that was interfering with the harmonious relationship between his head, neck and back. Alexander, and the teachers he trained in his technique, have been demonstrating over the past 100 years how to change this pattern of tension and establish in its place more calm and poise, even in stressful situations.

We are so accustomed to the tension we carry with us throughout our day that, unless we are in pain, we rarely notice it. Yet it has a powerful impact on every goal we set out to accomplish. Our internal feedback system, or kinesthetic sense, which would normally tell us when something is going wrong, is no longer reliable, making it practically impossible for us to make changes in ourselves without causing new problems.

With the Alexander Technique a naturally healthy condition can be restored and brought under conscious control.