drawing by Julia Kay TAEC graduate

Enrollment Deposit

An enrollment deposit of $750, to be paid on acceptance into TAEC, will be deducted from the final payment for the final ninth trimester.

The Alexander Educational Center must make arrangements and commitments well in advance to provide for its educational program. The school’s expenses do not diminish with the departure of a student during the school year; therefore, the enrollment deposit will only be returned if the student gives four weeks notice (four weeks of class time) of intent to leave the training, in writing, and is current with their fees at the time of notice.



The overall tuition fees are currently $24,750 to be paid in nine installments over the three year training period and are to be paid in full on the first day of each term. Therefore the current fees are: $2750 for the first eight terms and then $2000 for the final term.


Refund Policy

If a student has attended 75% or more of a Trimester and then withdraws, there will be no refund.

The Student may receive a pro rata refund for the unused portion of the tuition if 75% or less of the trimester has been completed.

% of Attendance Time

Amount of Refund

Up to 10% of the trimester 90%
25% 75%
50% 50%
Over 75% No refund

The terms and conditions covering the Enrollment Deposit are separate from those of the Refund Policy.

Student Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to promote professional standards in our graduates and to ensure a smooth running of this course.

•  Please arrive to class prepared and on time. If this is not possible then telephone one of the Directors to let them know when you will be arriving.

•  Please do not schedule vacations when the school is in session. Unavoidable events such as unexpected family obligations or illness are excepted.

•  Three days of excused absences are allowed each Trimester. Any further absence from class will need to be made up at a later date. This may consist of private sessions or additional term time at the end of training and at the student’s expense.

•  Should a student take time off without first obtaining the Directors’ consent, then this time will need to be made up with private sessions from the Directors at the student’s expense.

•  If a student decides to take a break of one trimester or more from the training without first obtaining the agreement of the Directors, there will be no guarantee that a place will be held open for them should they wish to return.

•  The Alexander Educational Center is obliged by AmSAT and the International Affiliated Societies to train each student for 1600 hours. Each student’s full cooperation in this professional requirement is appreciated.