The Class

taec classroom

The class is taught in a large studio with plenty of light and space, located at 830 Bancroft Way (at 6th Street) Room #113 Berkeley, CA 94710. The Alexander Educational Center is an AmSAT approved Teacher Training Course. Download AmSAT Teacher Training Brochure (pdf).



The training program meets from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Monday through Friday and is in session 36 weeks a year. The School operates on a trimester system consisting of 12 week trimesters. The total training consists of nine 12 week trimesters.



3 trimesters
Generally: 3 terms of 12 weeks each.
Beginning: January/ April/ and September
(please call for details).


National Holidays & Breaks:

  • January 19th
  • February 16th
  • November 23rd to November 27th


Tuition Costs

  • Enrollment Deposit $750
  • Trimester Tuition $2750
  • Final Trimester: Trimester Tuition less $750
  • Current Total Tuition $24,750

The fees will not be increased by more than 10% ( if at all ) during the course of a student’s training. There will be no increase during the student’s first year of training.

The total tuition fees of $24,750 to be paid in nine installments over the three-year training period and are to be paid in full on or before the first day of each trimester.


Course Material

Though it is presented in a group setting, the training is individual. Scheduling is determined by the individual level of each trainee; therefore, we do not present a Monday through Friday hour by hour schedule for the scope of the program.
The following is a list of the topics covered in the course of each individual’s training:

  • Daily personal instruction in the Alexander Technique
  • Observation and diagnosis of postural “mis-use”
  • Understanding the “use of the self” at rest and in movement
  • Approaching the new pupil
  • Pupil/teacher communication
  • Self awareness
  • Applying the Alexander Technique to present skills, activities and situations
  • The “use of the voice” applied to oneself, pupils and professional voice users
  • Individual consultations
  • Guest teacher seminars
  • Professional ethics instruction
  • Business development instruction
  • Basic anatomy and physiology instruction
  • Ongoing study and discussion of literature about the Alexander Technique
  • Ongoing study and discussion of F.M. Alexander’s writings

Certificate of Completion

After completion of the minimum 1600 hours training and the satisfaction of the Directors that the student has attained the satisfactory level of proficiency, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded at a special honors ceremony.