The Directors of the training program, Giora Pinkas and John A. Baron,  have worked together at TAEC for over 20 years.  They have over 80 years of full-time teaching experience between them and have helped trained over 200 students to become teachers of the Alexander Technique. Additionally, The Alexander Educational Center includes guest teachers and graduate teaching assistants, many of them graduates of our program, as well as internationally recognized teachers and trainers, like Bob Britton (who we are fortunate to have with us on a weekly basis), Jessica Wolf, Pamela Blanc, Pedro deAlcantara, Rome Earl Roberts, Richard Brennan, Christine Batten and Yehuda Kuperman.

Giora Pinkas, Founder/Director

Giora Pinkas, Founder/Director

Giora has been an Alexander instructor for 50 years and a trainer of Alexander teachers for 40 years. He’s taught the technique in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, France, Ireland, Japan and the United States.


Following a background in sports, physical education and dance and an interest in music and psychology, Giora studied with one of F.M Alexander’s outstanding successors, Patrick Macdonald. After certifying in 1967 he attended a voluntary 4th year, helping and learning at the training-course.

Training Teachers

Giora with student

In 1974 Giora co-founded in San Francisco the first 3-year, teacher-training course in the United States. For many years he served on the Board of Directors and as a Committee Chair of the American Society for the Alexander Technique and currently serves as a Training Moderator for GLAT- the German Society.

In the 1980’s he was invited to direct teacher-training courses in both Freiburg and Heidelberg, Germany, and still continues to teach, train and consult in Europe on a regular basis.

In 1983 Giora established The Alexander Educational Center, now internationally respected for its teacher training and postgraduate programs. He views his work at the AEC as his main focus.

Private Practice

In his private practice, Giora works with performing artists, children, and adults with chronic pain. He acts as a consultant to teachers, physicians, and therapists in clinics and school environments.


John A. Baron, Director

John A. Baron

John has a creative arts and business background. He was a professional actor for ten years working in theater, film and television in England, Scotland and Europe. Later he launched his own publishing company, Marketing Media. It was during these years that John became acquainted with the Alexander Technique.


In 1982 he was persuaded by the Director of the North London School for Alexander Technique, Misha Magidov, to enroll in the three-year Teacher Training Program. John completed his training in June 1985 and was admitted as a full member to the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, STAT.

In February 1986, John moved to Rome, Italy to establish a private practice teaching the Alexander Technique. Within six months, he had established a full practice working with musicians, chronic pain patients and people from all walks of life. John led many workshops in Italy, Germany and England during his “European” period of teaching the Technique.


John @ Google with AEC graduate Annette Schmidt

In 1992, John moved to the Bay Area, established his private practice in Sausalito, and became a Director of The Alexander Educational Center. Since then he has worked with a wide range of organizations including: Cal State Hayward, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, the San Francisco Ballet, the Esalen Institute, the Sundance Institute, Google Inc., and the San Francisco Opera.

In his practice, John has collaborated with many health care professionals and also specializes in work with performing artists.